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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Office Bake Sale - Cupcakes.

Recently at work we held a bake sale to raise money for Macmillian Cancer Relief. I decided to bake a chocolate fudge cake (which I'm proud to say sold out in 15 minutes), savoury palmiers and of course, cupcakes.

I used a standard chocolate cupcake mixture and topped half the cupcakes with an orange frosting and the other half with a peppermint frosting. Both are easy to make by adapting a basic buttercream frosting recipe. Just add green food colouring and peppermint essence to one batch, and orange food colouring and orange juice and zest to the other batch. Add extra icing/confectioners sugar if the mixture becomes too wet.

Please excuse the poor quality pictures:


Jenniffer said...

These are very cute! They look delicious!

~Nikki~ said...

Your cupcakes are pretty

Incipient Wings said...

THAT is drool worthy...congrats to it's selling so quicly.

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